Women’s Issues

“I feel stressed out, people keep telling me I’m overly emotional. I feel angry and easily irritated. I don’t like feeling like this. I feel lonely and disconnected.”

“Sometimes I feel like I’m just treading water, working so hard and for what?”

“I feel like I have to live up to something, if I take anytime for myself, I just feel guilty.”

Women today have a lot on their plates. Whether it’s motherhood or career goals, or both- the demands upon us sometimes feel unsurmountable. I work with women to gain understanding of oneself, choose priorities in her life, and empower her to build a healthy self-esteem.

Other women’s issues include:

  • Post and pre-partum depression
  • First time mom & parenting
  • Traumatic childbirth
  • Abortion
  • Relationship issues
  • Friend issues
  • Mother-daughter issues
  • Women’s anger